A fragmentary grasp of reason: Part 1

I glimpse it beyond the next horizon.

I see it if I close my eyes.

I hope one day to understand it.

Hold it in my hands, view it’s DNA.

Made of sticks and stones

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have notice the title of my website has changed from Frank Regan in words to Made of sticks and stones. I’d like to say this change is the result of the combined expertise of the greatest minds known to science and extensive market research, but the answer to that would be no. It is more a case of it’s my blog and I want to!

I have used Made of sticks and stones, as a tag for a couple of posts and the phrase does have an important role to play in the fiction project I am currently working on but more of that another time, mainly though I think the phrase sums up my current approach to writing and life. It’s this blogging lark which has caused it. I started a blog following a meeting with an author who advised that I should have an online presence. So I started to blog thinking that in the main I would be posting fiction as that was what I was aiming to be a fiction writer.

I knew there would be the odd fragment of poetry, especially as I was in the middle of a university poetry course but I was sure once the course was over the infection would pass and I would be able to retreat back to the safety of fiction. But that is the thing with giving myself a platform for expression, I’m expressing myself.

I am like someone who dances around their house naked wearing just a pair of socks, safe in the knowledge that no one is watching, I’m shaking everything I’ve got.

So that is why Made of sticks and stones seemed appropriate, because like a bird that builds a nest or our iron-age ancestors making a shelter the aim is not perfection but through experimentation to build a better nest or home. And for me that experimentation is writing, picking up whatever stick or stone is rattling around in my mind whether it is fiction, poetry or just a rant on life; honing my ability at expressing myself and finding my identity as a writer.

So like when Prince changed his name to Squiggle or whatever the name of that symbol was I’m ready to move on, but without legally changing my name or getting tattoos.

Until the next time…

Made of sticks and stones

AFKAFRIW (The artist formerly known as Frank Regan in words)