Day 21 of the 30 Reblogs of November.

Made of sticks and stones


Per ardua ad astra (the motto of the RAF) translates as through adversity to the stars. It is a fine sentiment but is it what I – an earth bound mortal – should be aiming for, the stars? Do I dare? What if I fail? But surely that is the important part of the quote after all is the adversity, the arduous toil in the dark and not the brief moment basking in the (reflected) glory of the stars.
But how do I start on the long trek towards that precious dream? Well I guess the answer would have to be carefully and beginning at the bottom. I would be a fool to expect the going to be easy or to even reach the final destination. As I don’t have a celestial sat-nav I can expect to make wrong turns but all I can do is try to aim for…

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