The year of not being sad

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I didn’t originally plan to share my goals for 2015 here and I’m only doing so in a limited way by telling you my writing and creative goals.

This is because I’m viewing the future as an open vista, with many different paths open to me (which is scary, but exciting) and it is only in terms of my creative aims that I have firm targets which I need to stop prevaricating about and just do.

  1. Get the first draft of the novel I’m working on finished.
  2. Write more short fiction. I’m enjoying the poetry infection I’m suffering from but I need to stop viewing fiction as being only something of 50,000 words +. Short fiction is good for me as an aspiring writer.
  3. If on a particular day I’m not working towards either 1. or 2. but am instead writing poetry, that does not mean I’m failing to hit my targets – because above all the target is to be CREATIVE.
  4. Posting work on my blog is good, but I submitted no pieces of work to magazines or competitions in 2014. I need to continue to challenge myself in the coming and that means submitting fiction and poems to other outlets in 2015.
  5. Continue learning to play the ukulele in 2015 that means practicing every day – but remember you are learning for fun, which means wrong notes are fun. Perfection is overrated.
  6. Take that art class, it’ll be fun, messy, but fun.
  7. Above all, whatever I am doing in 2015 I should enjoy it.

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