I know it’s all down to the highly intellectually circles I hang around in but I’ve been asked “…if you were a superhero what would you want your super power to be?” quite a few times over the years.

I’ve always been overwhelmed by the possibilities to be able to choose just one. The ability to fly would be pretty cool, superhuman strength would be handy for taking the lids off of jars. Then there is invisibility, super-speed, the ability to shapeshift, the list goes on of superpowers I wouldn’t mind test driving for a couple of days.

At long last though, I think I have finally made a decision. The superpower I want is the ability to touch someone occasionally either through my words or by my actions. I think the ability to be able to add something positive to someone else’s life would be a wonderful superpower for any (super)human to claim as their own.

So everybody be nice to a neighbour, the stranger standing next to you in the supermarket or even to just your nearest and dearest.

Go on give it a try. Claim it as your superpower.


El Positivo (Apprentice Superhero)

© 2015 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.


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