Why Am I So Positive?

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Dream Big, Dream Often

I had a question posed to me this week: how are you always so positive?  Well the truth is I am not always so positive.  I write a blog that focuses on learning how to transform oneself from an underachiever, non-doer into a person of organization, purpose, plan and action; full of desire and ambition.  It takes a lot of work to remain positive.

The truth is that I am more positive now in life because the alternative is not acceptable.  I will not allow myself to go to the dark side and focus on how crappy life can be, how crappy people can be, how I hate my job, how life just keeps putting it to me.  None of that applies to me.  Why?  Because I choose to ignore the negative, focus only on the positive and work toward goal achievement.

This does not mean I am not aware…

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