Words from Rush by Frank Regan 2015

Words from Rush by Frank Regan 2015

Hello, how are you?
I’m now back in the UK after a trip to Greece – the island of Skiathos to be precise. Well to be really precise I’ve been back a fortnight but that was only in body, in spirit I was still balanced precariously on a bean bag sipping a cocktail at the Rock and Roll Bar overlooking the bay.
Skiathos was a place I really fell in love with for its scenery, its people and the overall vibe of the place. It had a certain je ne sais quoi (probably sounds much cooler in Greek). Most importantly it was the break I needed to separate me from the events leading up to and the manner in which I left my job. Skiathos was the perfect break from the mundane realities of life.
But no holiday lasts forever, and though it was tinged with sadness, I had to fly back to normality.

In the last two weeks, amongst other things, I’ve started the enjoyable task of going through my accumulated poems and stories to decide what should be included in my forthcoming e-book collection. At the moment it is a longlist but once I hopefully whittle it down to a shortlist I will be able to discern the shape (crisp smooth lines or gelatinous blob) of the overall collection.
That process of deciding what goes in and what doesn’t has led me to a decision. The collection should be poetry only, my admittedly low-level moans to myself that I am not a poet and it’s just a phase came to naught. Poetry only will just give it a better shape.

I am not a poet
On the plus side though it means the next collection will be fiction only. So, once one project is finished, in the back of my mind another one is starting to be formulated.
Then there is the matter of employment – something that pays. Obviously once my two books are published I will be a millionaire or maybe even a trillionaire! But what if that doesn’t happen, what if all I get out of these collections is the joy of writing them – joy alone isn’t going to pay for my ticket back to Skiathos.
I do have a plan for what I want to do with my future and it requires some form of alchemy to take place and no decades of reading fantasy books haven’t finally warped my mind into believing I’m a wizard. By alchemy I mean whatever time and effort I put in to my job is rewarded tenfold emotionally. Yes I want payment but I want (NO I NEED) to derive satisfaction from what I do.
Yes I realise that all jobs have their downsides. The average person spends a great deal of their lives working and the daily grind is always a compromise, I’m sorry kids even after you leave school life is still going to be about deadlines, hard work and stress. Even being a clown is stressful.

However, the reward for all of that stress should not be limited to a week away on a Greek Island. Fifty-one weeks versus one week? That is not a balanced life.
So while I’m trying to create a more balanced life, if anyone has got any lead going spare, I’d like to try a little alchemy.

© 2015 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

12 thoughts on “Alchemy

  1. Bravo for you and I love the pic with the title, “why are you in such a rush to get nothing done.” I wonder that too, all the time about folks where I live. Rushing around, driving like maniacs to go nowhere and do nothing.

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    • Those words came to me while I was stripping wallpaper decorating spare room changing it into office space part of my long term plan.
      Yep plenty of people on this side of the pond too driving around as if they are the only people on the planet.


  2. Had this long discussion with my husband a few days back about happiness. Thing is, I am already happy and not stressed, ever since I quit my job. But my conditioning is pushing me on.. “You shouldn’t be happy, you are not working and making money, you waste of space…” Aargh…
    So Thank God for your blog post title. Made me stop and breathe and laugh at the idiocy of it all again.

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    • I know exactly what you mean. I have had this knot of tension in my stomach a lot of the time since I came back from Greece. If I allow myself to focus on that, my mind wanders and I dwell on what I am not doing yet – rather than the positive steps I am taking.
      When I know that knot of tension is just the past and my conditioned response to life and its challenges.
      But what I did in the past didn’t work for me. So I’m taking baby steps and learning to be truly kind and appreciate what I’m doing.
      My friend said after reading the post “A fail safe is to listen to your heart/soul. An excellent and totally reliable sat-nav for new adventures and opportunities.”
      I can’t say it any better than that.

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  4. Good luck with your search for happiness. Holidays aren’t worth it, in my opinion. You always have to come home and the shit only piles up in your absence. Write write write and you’ll be happy. Guaranteed. You’ll probably starve to death and have your home repossessed, but there’s a downside to everything…


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