*Insert Poem Here*

It is easy to get into a habit, put this here; do this, for that reward; fight alien monsters in the supermarket; that sort of thing.

That is the habit I’ve got into with my writing. A poem was either for this blog or saved for possible inclusion in my poetry collection. Nothing wrong with that apart from the fact one of my New Year Resolutions was to submit poems and stories to competitions, magazines etc.

Good resolution one problem, I’ve submitted absolutely


So, in the true spirit of a New Year Resolution, I’m going to start now when most of the year is over. The result is the poem that I was going to post has been submitted with another couple to a poetry competition and the short story I’m just finishing will be submitted to another competition by the end of this week…

Plus, there is a little side project which I will starting this Friday, but more about that later in the week.


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