I’ve not been very well over the last month or so. Just the run-of-the-mill autumn/winter type of infection but it has left me short of energy and patience.
I’ve managed to keep up-to-date with 99% of the work I’ve had on (still working towards that masterplan) including setting up another blog but I’ve slipped behind dealing with other stuff. It’s the social media stuff I’m on about.
Also I’ve been lax at replying to a lot of the kind comments made to my recent blog posts and also I haven’t been liking as many WordPress posts as usual.
I say liking posts, but what I actually mean is pressing the like button – not actually reading and liking posts, dear me no! I wasn’t allowing myself the luxury of relaxing and enjoying some poetry or fiction.

That is not what I got into blogging for. Oh, that’s right that is exactly why I got into blogging.
So forgive me if I haven’t replied to a comment I will get back to you and definitely before the end of 2016.
And you have my word from now on if I’ve liked or shared a post of yours then I have read it and loved it.
Thanks for your continued support, while I could probably manage without you it is so much more fun having you along for the ride.

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