That Chaos Thing

So you’re gone again
Taken your light and headed home
At the first hint of tears.
As if you fear you’ll melt in the rain.
But you still want me to pretend
That it’s all about you,
That the planets and the asteroids
Are just hanging around
With nothing better to do.
For the butterfly to flutter a wing,
You know that chaos thing you do.
Shouting out to the universe to stop it all
Complaining about all that crazy emotion and gravity
That you claim is dragging you down.
Putting the blame on me,
Expecting me to carry the weight.
But I can’t, not this time.
It is not visible in my stars I think
Not now that gravity has moved me on
And the eclipse has hidden you from view.
© 2016 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.


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