Optimism (Or How I Wrote A Book)

photo credit: eflon via photopin (license)

I released my first book Wreckage (e-book available for only 99c/99p) this year and fulfilling a long term goal has had a big effect on how I view myself and the world around. Yes the birds have always sung up in the trees it is just that I’m more likely to take notice of them now.

Those of you who have been reading my blog a long time will realise that I didn’t just wake up on 1 January 2017 with a sore head and a burning desire to write a poetry book.

Truth is before I started this blog nearly four years ago, I would not have considered writing a poetry book, a book yes but poetry. The reality is even lifelong goals/dreams change over time. Life dreams should be malleable after all moulded by the dreamer, a lived in experience.

And as I’ve had a thing for the number 17 for years the fact that it read ’17 on the calendar did give a once in a lifetime impulse to completing the project within the calendar year, but I also feel it is a beginning not an end. Because I know there are more projects to follow and they don’t need omens and lucky charms to make them happen. Just hard work.

But that is the secret when you have something that you are passionate about it does not seem like hard work. And the inevitable downs of life are easier to cope with. In fact the year is potentially ending on a decidedly flat note. However I can’t view this difficulty in anything like the sombre tones that I would have in the past. Because for me there is a symbiotic relationship between what happens on the creative side and the rest of it. All of the ghastly grey that would have in the past overwhelmed me.

The “grey” still exists as it does for everyone but now I appear to be developing a better handle on the proper context it should exist in. It’s a work-in-progress but there’s a definite framework and foundation, something to build on.

What comes next is 2018, completing a novel draft, more poetry, continuing studying for an English Literature Degree  and continuing to drop into the conversation whenever I can the fact that I’ve written a book (also available in paperback).


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