Resolution Revolution


Looking out the window

Living in a dream

Of the days

Of future/past.

Looking out the window

Working on a plan,

The escape tunnel,

Get rich scheme.

Looking out the window

Searching for the sun

But can’t see silver linings

For all my clouds.

Looking in a mirror

With eyes that

Do not see,

Looking in a mirror

Back in time

Before the grey.

Looking out the window

Wishing for something

I don’t recognise.

Looking out my window,

Same familiar scene

Day after day, ‘til

Same time next year.

© 2018 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

Originally Published 27 December 2014


  1. Love the Andrew Wyeth feel of the photo – the stubble skimmed with snow and the net curtain edging the view. It adds something to the sense of stalemate, of planning to make things different next year, but knowing, not so deep down, that next year the view will still be the same. Sums up the futility of New Year’s resolutions!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, the name of the photo is view from an Amish kitchen window – so it would be Pennsylvania, so Wyeth’s part of the world. I knew Wyeth’s name but I wasn’t familiar with his work so I’ve enjoyed looking at his work today.
      As you said it’s very much a stalemate, making big plans, but not being willing to change.
      Glad you enjoyed it.


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