In Time and Space

photo credit: torbakhopper detail from toulouse lautrec : san francisco (2013) via photopin (license)

As I watch the world pass by

While I sit here at this pavement cafe,

It is hard to believe

The universe does not rotate about me.

For I could imagine

That this could be anywhere,

Montmartre at the dawning of the Belle Époque

Or a Martian thoroughfare in twenty-nine fifty-three.

For as I sit here a cup of coffee

Cradled gently in my hands

Snatches of human drama

Are carried to me on the breeze.

While I contemplate what comes next

I realise I’m like the wise man

That sits under the tree,

While I cannot see it all from here

I understand what I need from the universe will come to me.


© 2018 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.


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