Speak No Evil

photo credit: micadew Kitty Denied via photopin (license)

The rich man, the preacher,
The politician, the teacher,
Took my language away.

The treaty, the hungers,
Your lusts, this destruction
Is to blame –
For taking my language away.

The lights in the darkness.
The fires on the horizon,
The burning ice; age returning
Is the grave,
That took my language away.

Weaknesses, baseless fears,
Crying crocodile tears.
Drowning in mutually assured destruction,
While waiting for our software to update
Is the reason
They took my language away.

It was brains, it was beauty,
An oath sworn. Duty.
It was valour, it was pride.
The truth smothering me with lies;
Betrayal with a kiss.
The sinking ship,
The lion’s roar
And all of this and more.

Yet it was my silence
That let them take
My language away.

© 2019 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.



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