photo credit: Roberto.Trombetta bangkok via photopin (license)

As long as I know you are at the edge of my view.
Somewhere where the mirages meet my dreams
In the wee small hours when no one is awake to witness my tears.

Out there in the distance, lost on the far horizon
A shadow secret known only to these four walls and my teddy bear.
That you are the wave that will overcome my fears.

As long as I know, then I can cope with the visions
And the nightmares tearing my hopes apart.
For beyond the limits of the frame I know, there is an end to the lonely years.

© 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

The Weaving

photo credit: Neal. The Smell of Bokeh. via photopin (license)

Spun light glistens welcoming a gossamer dawn.
There is birdsong if you listen within the forest’s heart
While the breeze plucks at the threads of the weaving like they were the strings of a harp.
Green and gold glimmering, in the dawn light’s shimmering
From shadow to light. Mirroring the rise and fall of waltzers waltzing around and about the forest floor.
Dipping toes in pools of gold, those first to escape the grip of the night
Kissing the lips of this visitor emerging from out of the dark.

© 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

First Light

photo credit: _paVan_ Sunrise via photopin (license)

The curve of the earth hides you from view.
A whole new existence beyond the horizon
Dawning exclusively for my pleasure.
A shimmering goddess of a day, you are possibility
Slowly unfolding your wings, taking flight
Banishing shadows saying goodbye to night.

© 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

A Liquid Reality

photo credit: dmelchordiaz Corona de agua via photopin (license)

What if ripples in the water
Were a disturbance of my being.
Feelings agitated as easily
As my reflection upon the surface of the lake.
A stone thrown into my depths
Shattering the icy charade of normality
Constructed to deceive.
What if I was as transitory as the breeze
That blew across the water
Or spring showers or the fall of autumn leaves.
What if my reflection possessed
More reality than I’ve ever dreamed.

© 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

‘Til I’m Nothing …

photo credit: Lawrence.Braun I Need You via photopin (license)

Skin to your skin,
React to your touch.
You burn me with your fire
I need you so much.
Emotional conflagration
Ashes and dust.

I am nothing
Except lingering lust.
You take and you take
Control me with a touch.
Luscious corrosion
I succumb to this religion of rust.
Consume me with passion
‘Til I’m ashes and dust.

© 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

Into the Blue Sky Thinking

photo credit: chiaralily Scented via photopin (license)

Visions of the shimmering sea
Keep coming to me,
Waves reaching out beckoning me on.
While gulls circle close to the cliff top
That stand tall, into the blue.
Cirrus and nimbus scurry
Like soft downy pillows for the sun
To rest his head upon.
These visions of the sea
Are a balm to me.
Carrying me away
For an hour or a day.

© 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

Quicksilver Lies

photo credit: vivelesrobots Cafe Neu Romance 2014: Robotic Ewe via photopin (license)

I cannot forget the feeling,
The strangeness of being.
The liquid fear of the moment
Like mercury unbounded,
Burning through my defences.
To the marrow, the heart of the matter,
Until reason fled. Like atoms scattered
In that first act of creation
Or destruction. For with you
There is really no difference.
We are just collateral damage,
Victims of circumstance
Chosen to be your disciples.

© 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

Over Me

On the shores of Loch Scavaig lies Elgol (Gaelic for ‘the weeping swan’), a small fishing village famous for its mountain and seascape scenery. After 15 miles of winding one-lane country road one is rewarded with magnificent views of Cuillin Range – weather permitting.
Taken April 2017.
photo credit: lsten Blue Hour at Elgol via photopin (license)

I don’t want to be distant.
I want to breathe the same air as you.
I want to touch what you touch and feel what you feel.
If you are in pain I want to bleed.
Because you are my passion, you are my need.
You are the poison deep in my veins.
When I am thirsting you are my rain.

For if I am an island hiding
Far away from the world.
I want you to be the ocean
That invades my shore.
I don’t want to be isolated anymore.
I want you to be the ocean,
My encircling sea.

© 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

Target Practice

photo credit: CaliPicture via photopin (license)

Is it the guilt of the gun
Or of the bullet when loaded?
Is the aim to blame
Or the physics of trajectory?
For I had god on my side,
So how is it my fault
That you continue to bleed?

© 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

The Silent Reaches

photo credit: h.koppdelaney House of Shadows via photopin (license)

Silence reaches inside of me
Searching through the emptiness
Looking for a heart full of soul.
Probing the ashes for a prophecy
But the fire is dead, the ashes cold.

Silence hunting for the ghost of kindness
In the darkness between the thieves.
Seeking for a sliver of honesty
To light its way like a gibbous moon.
But the truth has deserted me.

The truth has stolen my heart away.
She is a wicked mistress
To rob me of the dawn.
When all I wanted was shelter,
Some shelter from the storms.

© 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.