photo credit: .FuturePresent. suffocating via photopin (license)

All I need is to walk away
From this darkness and disbelief.
To wake up from this dystopian dream
And reinvent my religion of the self.
Setting the wheel to spinning again,
Taking my chances with this
Russian roulette of a life.
For it feels like a revolution
That nobody fought for, but still in which
Everything worth loving got swept away.
The landscape has become a nightmare I don’t recognise
And all I can do is reinvent myself
Leave the wreckage and walk away.

© 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.



  1. Well written and honest expression of the soul’s longing for reality. It is difficult to differentiate what is real and substantial in terms of the self and the larger world in which the self discovers herself. So much of what the soul intuits as reality or as relevant for her own progression turns out to be an illusion or worse a brilliant dog and pony show like the Wizard of Oz. We are told not to pay attention to the man behind the curtain, and if the show is brilliant enough usually we do not. Still, the soul longs for reality, and so every now and then it needs to check out from the bombast and to reinvent herself as you well stated.


    1. Thank you Michael. I think reality can be harder to pin down and put under the microscope than the various illusions that disguise it. It is perhaps only in times of extremis and upheaval such as the world is living through nowthat we actually sift through the debris to try discover what is essential in it all for our existence.

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    1. Thank you. I think there might even be a triple meaning of the word revolution in there. Every time I reread it I sense another level within my words that I didn’t think of , at least consciously, when I first wrote the poem.


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