Pass It On

photo credit: ssoosay A Riot Pin-up Model via photopin (license)

If there was one word for this world of ours.
One word to summarise it all up.
That word would be cruelty, or on a good day hate.
For this is a world of misery, with lives spent crying;
Crying a whole river flood of tears.
And for what, what is all the anger for?
What is it that makes those furious wheels rotate?
Well there is fighting over dirty patches of ground,
That are now so battle scarred nobody really wants to call them home.
And then there are the wars fought
Between the thugs and the mad,
Over who has control of the holes in the fabric of the earth,
Because everybody wants to own the shiny rocks beneath.
Or the rampage to control the streets
So that chemists can create better ways
To get a buzz on a Friday night
Not caring if along the way a few kids die,
Because you can’t make an omelette without smashing heads.
Then you have the beauty contest battles
Between closed minded believers
Over whose god is best.
When all those gods agreed on the one thing
And made sure they passed it on,
On those stone tablets and in those sacred texts. They suggested
That we should just get along
And everything will turn out for the best.
So it’s a shame, no one was listening
Or perhaps they just closed their eyes
And put fingers in their ears.
Because surely this world would be a little easier
If we all tried to get along.
© 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

Originally Published 8 June 2018

Now this song does not have a direct link to the above poem but it was playing while I was writing so I’ve included it because I can.  And because it is about love and not hate. Which has to be a good thing.


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