Romeo and Juliet

photo credit: -= Bruce Berrien =- breeze via photopin (license)

I look up at your window, the curtains closed,
And wonder if you are sleeping,
Wonder if you are dreaming of me.
Do I ever cross your mind
As I wait out here in the shadows.
Do you even remember the moments
We have shared and how I declared
My undying devotion.
Or have you consigned me to the past,
To a land of lost content.
To a realm of mist and forgetfulness
And half-remembered kisses.

© 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.



  1. I love this descriptive poem. There is a great sense of yearning in it.

    Love is sometimes like that. Though, it is only genuine love that brought along these thoughts. We always doubt, when we hold faith in something to still be apparent, so worthwhile, in our lives.


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