As Fatal As the Night

A poem for the shadows

Made of sticks and stones

photo credit: Claude-Yolande La robe bleue via photopin(license)

When it comes to leaving
I’m like the tide
Full of good intentions
But returning by and by.

When it comes to changing
I’m like the butterfly
Finally finding a form I like
Only to give it up and die.

When it comes to emotions
I’m as fickle as a kite
Battling the demon wind
Only to lose the fight.

I’m as seductive as the shadows
Dispersed by the liar’s shine.
Illuminated by the truth wishing
That everything will work out fine.

When it comes to hoping
I’m like the pain
That makes it feel like I’m dying
When I get caught out in the rain.

When it comes to trying
I’m like the stone
Unmoved by storms and snows
But dreaming of a home.

When it comes to shadows
I’m like the night,
Full of unseen terrors
Hiding from the…

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  1. Thanks for visiting me at wordsdivinelywrought, Frank. I always love when words that appear to be simply strung, can contain (and wrap us inside) such enormous depth and fragility. Your honesty speaks volumes.

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