I can’t cope with your vanity,
It clashes with my insecurities.
It makes me feel how I always feel,
Wishing that I felt a little more steady inside.

Drink this you say, it will help you to fake it.
But I don’t know what I’m faking it for?
What does normal even look like –
Will it suit me, will it even fit me?

For I feel Alice in the shadows, lurking –
Making believe that this is Wonderland.
When I’m too wounded by the arrows
Of all those imaginary successes

The population of this modern utopia are shooting at me.
How do I know what is real,
When all I am fed is snake-oil,
Vanity and fakery. Tell me, in what am I meant to believe.

© 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.


  1. What does normal look like? How do I know what is real? In what am I meant to believe? Three succinct yet heavyweight questions for the ages. A fourth might be: How can a diet of snake-oil ever be good for a heart and soul that hunger ? I am touched by your vulnerability; perhaps some answers may be found therein?

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    1. Thank you, Rachel. I think a diet solely of snake-oil is definitely not a good thing. I think the 24hr nature of social media amplifies the problem. Everybody is always striving to show their best side; a selfie isn’t shared before the most flattering filter is added; and nobody would resist the urge to check-in on Facebook when they enter the executive lounge at the airport. I think there is an element of addiction in the need for a temporary dopamine hit. Which unfortunately warps how they are viewed by those they are relating with as well as changing their own view of reality.


      1. I agree, Frank, especially about the addiction element. You articulated precisely why I have opted out of social media, esp. FB. As a Baby Boomer, I am far less driven to engage in the madness. It all reverts to your post and the highly relative nature of “reality.” If everybody has their own view of reality, it would tend to reason that no one is connecting in any authentic sort of way. I imagine a giant Hall of Mirrors designed so that no matter where you look, you only see your own reflection — even though there are others nearby.


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