photo credit: Cornelia Kopp Be Here Now via photopin (license)

This road will not take us there,
Yet still, we travel upon it.
To a destination without meaning
Just for the journey, for being.
For the companions who accompany us
The pleasure we take in their presence.
For the sights that we see;
For the dreams; for the secrets revealed;
For one glimpse of the azure sea. For memory.
This road just takes us to a foreign country
Over the hills and far away from where it began.
Just for the journey, for being.

© 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.


  1. Beautiful and just so true. It’s all about the journey. As you get older you look back and are amazed at all the things that have happened. Some good and some things you would gave done differently. The fabric of life


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