Wounds of Night

photo credit: Kevin M. Gill Horsehead Nebula via photopin (license)

To me,
To me all the time.
Nearer to me all the time.
Like rays of darkness,
The blinding shafts of night
Hold me close.
Hold me closer,
Closer than the dark
That waits to destroy
The fears.

The spiralling void
Inside of the darkness.
Like a spider’s web
I bind myself with its lies.
In a shimmering gossamer deceit
Wound about me.
Tighter, ever tighter,
Tightening all the time.

© 2019 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.


In Reverie

photo credit: just_a_name_thingie apprention via photopin (license)

The sunlight through the window frame,
Casting spells writes in shadows
Drawing religious symbols on your naked skin,
As you lay in a reverie upon my bed.
You are real, I know it. For I still feel the wound
Of the raw impression, you have drawn in scarlet upon my soul.
Yet you lay there as innocent as the morning
Leaving barely your outline upon the sheet.
And, I fear that if you wake you will get up and walk away.
As fleeting as a breath of morning air.
That life will continue as before almost as if you were never there.

© 2019 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

Internal Combustion

photo credit: Claudio Marinangeli OKIMG_9199 via photopin (license)

This engine power always
Fails me at the wrong time,
Just as I reach the hardest part of the climb.
When the destination is almost in sight,
Beyond the next incline, around the next bend.
So far, I have done everything right,
So it seems. I have come much farther than before, after all.
But still, here am I marooned so near to the end
When I have almost earned my reward. To see the place with the clearest view.

© 2019 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.


photo credit: Bold Frontiers Starry London Night via photopin (license)

Dark shadows, disembodied voices
Floating in the night,
This world beyond the window.

In fragments of modern art –
Bright lights and disappointment.
In search of answers

When there never was any meaning.
Just this spiralling deceit
Diverting us down one-way streets.

Twilight whispers
Spark tongues of flame.
Yet unaware, we stay the same.

© 2019 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

King of the Ruin

photo credit: National Library of Ireland on The Commons Lead kindly light… via photopin (license)

Ruin reigns
In this kingdom of lovers.
This wasteland of flowers,
This aching place
That makes my heart skip a beat;
With the Shadow Moon ascendant
That made me complete.
For I’ve finally learned
That I needed your tide to ebb away
And maroon me here.
Now I can live again
For I’m finally free.

© 2019 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.


photo credit: eleda 1 Guess the movie???? via photopin (license)

I cannot contain this existence
Within a single soul
A unified whole
When I do not know
Where these wings will take me
Or if the footsteps of the future
Will shake the ground from beneath my feet
If the environment will force me to transform
Into something different
Brand new
So do not ask me
Where I have come from
For how can I know
For the past has changed me
I am different than I was then
And I may change once again

© 2019 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.


photo credit: Nullfy from nullfy.com! Ring Of Power! via photopin (license)

Balance can be achieved.
For those with balance, I have seen.
Yet there is no balance in me.
They say balance can be found
In the sound of a babbling brook,
Or in the infinitude of silence
In the night between the stars.
They say balance can be reached
By striding out taking a few easy steps.
By taking a few gentle, calming breaths.
By reaching out, taking hold of Your hand.
Yet still, I’m falling,
Though I never reach the ground.

© 2019 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

Time Lies

photo credit: lightfetcher dandelion via photopin (license)

The clock ticks,
Time passes at a steady rate.
The Past wanders from sight,
Disappears quietly from the cavalcade
Into the shadows to die.

The Present crawls like a caterpillar
Consuming everything that it can.
Unaware of all, except now –
Secure in its form.

While Future promises
That it will turn unseen,
Like a confidence trick
Into a wondrous butterfly.
That flutters transcendent, glorious for a day…

© 2019 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.