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I’ve written a thousand poems to you

Yet I’ve never found the words …
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Hill to Climb

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Higher and higher,
The road is getting steeper.
As we make our way

Out of the lowlands in search
Of somewhere. That feels like home.
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Crossing the Rubicon (Small Mercy)

Here’s the offering for Day 11

Made of sticks and stones

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Pleading to be heard
Within these four walls,
Outside in the world.


Searching for the right words,
In these pages
Reaching out to the world.
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Curriculum Vitae

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I’m a nice guy in a quiet way,
Unshowy, without being grey.
I’m a star in the daytime
Outshone by other lights in the sky.
I’m not a saint or a sinner
Just average Joe muddling things up
But aiming to get the big things right.
I’m looking for happiness,
Contentment? Whatever that means.
A dreamer, searching for something
And somewhere to realise my dreams.
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It is not mine, it is not yours.
It is not in the gentle breeze
Or in the howling of that lone wolf at night.
And though I looked, I did not find it in the tides
Or the gentle lapping of the waves upon the beach.
Nor in crying alone, in the pale moonlight,
Neither was it the kiss or the soft,
Shivering, caress of a lover.
But Always is there, somewhere.
But always just out of reach.

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photo credit: IMG_1169 via photopin (license)

Higher, higher;
Down, down;
Don’t know which way
Peace will be found.

They’ve gone and left me here
Out on this ledge
Hanging on by my fingertips.
With all this knowledge

Of good and wrong
Weighing me down,
Driving me to the edge not knowing
If a better place can be found.

© 2015 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.