All Together

photo credit: quirkybird Goddess Series: Ma’at via photopin (license)

Stripped of everything but my soul,
Naked, nothing left to identify my mortal remains
But the record of my conduct here on earth.
All accoutrements of wealth, all holy symbols of my false religions,
All gone now.
All shields, all swords, I’ll have no more protections.
No magic spells are left to save me
Just an account of my actions
Where they weigh a feather against my sins.

© 2019 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

It’s A Lie

photo credit: Rusty Russ Thinking Man via photopin (license)

It’s a lie, it’s improbable,
It couldn’t possibly be.
There’s not seven billion people
Sharing this planet with me.
How could there be all these people
Floating on a tiny rock,
With a trillion miles of nothing all around
Every which way is up.
They can’t all be looking down at their cell phones
Or living vicariously in virtual reality.
With nothing but the hardcore mainframe
To keep back the dark;
Clocked-off from society,
Hermetically sealed by technology.
It’s a lie, it’s improbable,
It couldn’t possibly be
If there really were seven billion people here
It would be statistically impossible
For one of them to not notice me.
© 2018 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

Padlocks and Chains

photo credit: taymtaym OKIMG_3381 via photopin (license)

Where did the wall come from
Did I build it to keep the hordes out,
Or did the world build it
To keep me locked in.
Is it illusory, is it real?
Am I awake, is this a dream –
Is this a nightmare of my own choosing;
Will anyone help me to become free?
© 2017 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

Am I Charlie?

I had one rule when I started this blog no politics, because I wanted people to like what I wrote and by extension like me – in a nutshell I was scared of attracting the wrong type of attention.

And that is pretty much how I have felt since the terrible events in Paris earlier this week. I have liked and shared beautiful, poignant cartoons and articles on various social media platforms to show my abhorrence for the events and my support for a free press. And I have claimed that “Je suis Charlie”. But there was one image I couldn’t post, a picture I saw of the covers of the Charlie Hebdo issues that had been the alleged “Justification” that had made the magazine offices a “legitimate” target. Continue reading